Is Your LinkedIn Content Getting You

All of This?

LinkedIn Ghostwriting for B2B tech founders who
want to scale their online presence πŸš€

"Working with Filipa has allowed me to scale my social presence,
put structure and consistency towards my social posts, and have conversations online with folks from our industry.
β€” Gil Allouche, CEO @ (Inc5000 Company)

Your targets are on LinkedIn.
How are you showing up?

Probably not in the most optimized way.Because you lack the time to do everything it takes to succeed on these platforms. And with a good reason:Your focus should be on building and scaling your business.
Not on mastering LinkedIn, agreed?
We're a team of experts in content marketing and tech that will help you build a solid presence that you feel proud of as a founder and industry leader.Clients like to say: "you make me sound super smart."

You're in Good Company!

Results We've Generated for 20+ Clients:

πŸ’Έ Highly qualified leads that have 2-3x existing pipeline🀝 Closed deals within a much shorter sales cycle (some deals with contract values over $500k+)πŸŽ™οΈ Podcast invitations that put you in front of your target audience (and help you scale your message)πŸ—£οΈ Investors ready to jump on board (with more money and less pitches)🎀 Industry conferences and networking opportunities that build your reputation as a thought-leaderπŸ₯— PR, employer branding (and even random lunch invites from entrepreneurs around the block).

β€œPeople finally see us again. They see my company, they see me. And that’s the reason why suddenly people reach out to us again… which is pretty awesome!β€” Leopold van Oosten, CEO @Amsterdam Standard & Co-Founder of 18 startups

Call It Ghostwriting.
But We Ain't Ghosts! πŸ‘»

In fact, we tend to get along very well with your internal team.

Filipa Canelas
Co-founder | Content Marketing Expert

Eduardo Vila-ChΓ£
Co-founder | Tech Expert

We are definitely not an agency that does it all. Our focus is getting you results that expand far beyond LinkedIn, with quality & speed. You can count on marketing & business expertise (no need to explain the CACs and VC talks).

This is not about writing on LinkedIn.
This is about generating opportunities.

Content Written For Our Clients Was Featured In:

What We Offer:

The LinkedIn Growth

πŸš€ Content FlywheelπŸš€ 8-12 optimized LinkedIn posts (text, carousels, video format) focused on thought leadership and conversionsπŸš€ LinkedIn profile makeover and optimized for conversionsπŸš€ Personalized graphics, carousels and videosπŸš€ 1-hour content call every 2 weeks OR async communicationπŸš€ Publishing on your behalfπŸš€ Shield Analytics

Starting from $4,497/month

The LinkedIn Scale

πŸš€ Everything included in The LinkedIn Growth Package


🎯 Strategic Channel Growth🎯 Founder-led Sequence (optimized for conversions)🎯 Growth plan for promoting the Founder-led Sequence🎯 Quarterly business goals alignment call

Starting from $6,997/month

β€œThey have been a key piece in the execution of our GTM strategy.
We were able to open conversations with key decision-makers in the industry, secure an investment and scale our company.”
β€” Adrian Kochsiek, Founder @ ONVY HealthTech

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